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What is design thinking? How to use design thinking in the design of modern and attractive organizations? Can this method be one of the leading and most effective tools for the company, or is it “seasonal fashion”?

Design is a way to solve creative, innovative and creative problems in thinking. This is a people-based, prototype-based innovation process. The concept of design was only for the 1960s, when it was mainly used in the design of products and services. Currently, its role is very universal.


The model of design thinking has been built on three main pillars:

  • The approach of the recipient’s needs.
  • Different points view Join a team of people with different abilities, experiences and ideas.
  • Testing, or checking that the solution will work in the real world – ask customers, recipients; Investigations, surveys are done.

The most important point is to specify which topic we want to work on. This can be a new product, service, process or business strategy – any element that influences the organization’s growth. Another important problem is choosing the right inner team.


The process of design thinking is divided into 5 steps:

  • Focus on empathy, or receiver. First of all, we need to make it clear that what we are receiving defines the needs of the recipient, the motivation and the recipient’s needs.
  • Troubleshooting At this level, we should define who we want to work on and what our priorities will be. We decide the effect and solution we want to achieve.
  • Creating Idea At this level, we collect as many ideas and solutions as possible.
  • Create Prototype We filter ideas in terms of reality, efficiency, resources, and expenditure. We verify that the problem is resolved in the best way.
  • Testing, the moment when we finally choose a real solution and check how it works (research, survey, test, etc.).


How to use design ideas in practice?

In the Global Human Capital Trends survey conducted by Deloitte in 2016, 79% of managers rated project consideration as important or very important problem in the company’s development.

Design in HR can be very useful in thinking. Focusing on complex issues in design thinking and influencing people. With this sympathy, HR helps in “restoring humans” and keeping human agents in the center of the process.

To solve the problems in the organization to use the philosophy and method of ideology and methodology, it is valued using one of the two techniques: What is sprint and mastermind and how can it is used?


Running Full Speed

This is a 5-day problem-solving process based on assumptions and schemata on the design thinking method. Each sprint day design is a different phase in the design process.

The sprint system was developed in Google Ventures (GV). We can use it to solve every problem and challenge in the company. The advantage of this is that it only lasts for only a short time – only 5 days, which is very quick to design and test the solution. A sprint is played by a variety of interpersonal teams, which are fully engaged in activities and sacrifice the process (without disorders such as telephone, computer, other meetings and tasks).


Special mind

This method is not very closely related to the design thinking process – parallelism is visible on the basis of creative and constructive solution to the team’s problem. Mastermind can be designed as a series of small meetings at a specific time; it leads us to find the solutions we need.

This technique is a group work, usually 2 to 10 people, who regularly get to discuss, solve problems, set goals and tasks. They exchange experiences, opinions and ideas; They inspire and inspire each other.

Master mind connects the development of brain, education and forms of mutual support. The mastermind concept was originally created by Napoleon Hill in his bestselling book Think and Grow Rich. Mastermind groups are usually created for a period of several months. Participants’ meetings are at regular intervals. Often they focus on the issue of development of your own business or personal development. However the probability of this method is very large. As a sprint, this technique can be used to solve almost every problem or challenge in the company.


Why use sprint or mastermind workshops in institutions based on project thinking? What do we get from them?

  • We run and start the organization in terms of innovation, commitment and efficiency. When there is a problem of introducing innovations, design is the ideal solution for thinking.
  • We connect and inspire people, we use different types of abilities, experiences, visions and ideas – this is a good tool for these managers.
  • We reduce waste and endless discussions by giving a quick and effective solution to the problems.
  • We improve the organization of work and communications in the company.
  • Thanks to them, we can help the Human Resource Department fulfill an important mission: Creating an innovative organization of the future with new ideas, new approaches, tools and new ways of qualifying in all the projects and initiatives in the organization. .
  • We include design thinking in the leadership style. We give priority to designing focused processes and creating an employee experience.
  • We create new ideas and solutions – we shake a positive organization and open it to change.

Do not be afraid to use design thinking, but let’s do it perfectly. Even if we cannot use all the tools used in this system and we cannot use it, we will also come from its universality. Let us sit on our solution, match the needs of our organization. The design company applies to every company. We should use it as a central component of organization’s strategy and culture.

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