Avoid Fake Jobs in This Way


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Currently it is not easy to look for a job. Many companies set high goals or criteria for a candidate. So it is not surprising that today many people are easily deceived if there are job offers with easy criteria or without criteria.


Fraud in job vacancies is increasingly common today. This usually happens in sites or forums for job offers providers who are the target of illegal companies to find workers. There are many ways or ways they can do it to quickly attract prey.


To overcome this, here are some tips provided by hotnigerianjobs.org for not being easily tricked by fake vacancies:


Find all possible information about the company.


If you receive a business call, the first thing you should do is to first look for company information.


You can search the company’s history, stay long and various types of information that really describes the company are, in fact, appropriate and appropriate for your workplace. This can also be your service during the interview if you are asked to say something about the company.


In general, illegal companies always use free email.


In general, all companies that hire potential new employees will be contacted to send an email call for an interview. Typically, e-mails are used to pay or use the company name at the end of the email identification or domain.


However, for illegal companies usually free e-mail services like YAHOO, GMAIL, HOTMAIL and many others.

The means used to contact you.


From now on, you should suspect if you receive an informal work call other than using email. In general, illegal companies will make business calls via SMS. This must be suspect.


Attracted and finally asked for some money.


This is more often a trap for workers. A good and proper company will not attract potential employees into a problem or position.


You have the right to say no if during a job interview you are asked for a sum of money or if you are granted excessive facilities that do not conform to your position.

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